Friday, October 07, 2011

Fresh Cut Friday ~ Bridal Shower Edition

This week's Fresh Cut Friday features flowers from the bridal shower we hosted for my cousin last weekend.

I bought a mix of roses, mums, and carnations in shades of pink and purple, along with some purple wax flower and dusty miller (the white stuff).

I created three little arrangements and scattered them around.

And here are a few shots of the rest of the shower decor...

You can see the banner I made in this shot.  And if you look closely, you can also see a big wad of bubble gum in the bride-to-be's cheek.  She was asked several questions, all of which her fiance answered prior to the shower.  She had to put a (large) gumball in her mouth for each question she answered incorrectly.  After about 4, she was having a little trouble getting her answers out!

It was a pretty fun little game for a bridal shower.  Not sure she thought so...but we all did.  Side note: that's my little sis asking the questions.  She's a cutie, huh?  ;)

And finally, here is Kristen in the obligatory "pose with the cake" shot.  The cake was a cheesecake from Hank's, and it was delicious. 

A big congrats to Kristen and Jake.  I cannot believe you are even old enough to walk down the aisle.  Was I not just babysitting you girls, and watching The Little Mermaid on repeat, like yesterday???  Time sure does fly.  But exciting times are ahead.  Looking forward to the big day, and to seeing you as a beautiful bride!


  1. The shower was fabulous! Love your blog, I read it often. Oh and I made my very own book page wreath! Cannot wait to chat at the wedding! - Ashley, the girl obsessed with your house :)

  2. Hey Ashley! So glad you made your own book page wreath...I'll keep you in mind for Wreathfest 2012 ;) See you at the wedding next month!