Thursday, October 07, 2010

Oh so silly.

So, I strolled into Ashley Furniture on my lunch break today, to scope out kitchen tables and comfy chairs for our breakfast/hearth room. I didn't find anything that fell into those categories, but I did find a precious little lamp, for...wait for it...$8! Seriously, $8?!? I snatched it up fast.

Truth be told, I felt a little silly checking out. It went a little something like this: I walked back to the customer service desk, tiny lamp in hand, and asked "Where do I check out?". They asked me who had greeted me, to which I replied, "Christy. But this is only $8. I doubt it really matters." Nonsense, they said. "That's her job." OK then. They called Christy over the intercom, she appeared at the customer service desk, led me to her desk, and then proceeded to process my "order". It was all very strange. And I felt bad she was going to all of that trouble over a potential...$.80 commission??? But, I decided, that's Ashley's problem. I walked out of there with an adorable lamp for $8!

I didn't know where I'd use it, but some things are just too cute (and cheap) to leave behind. So here it is, sitting atop the cabinet my great-grandpa made, in our dining room.

I think it's the perfect fit. It adds a little modern glam to the room. Just goes to show, you can find the best little treasures when you aren't even looking for them. May require an awkward encounter with a salesperson, but's worth it.