Sunday, December 12, 2010

{Our Home at the Holidays}

I'm linking up to The Nester's Christmas Tour of Homes, and I'm so excited about it. I've enjoyed looking at the homes of some very creative bloggers the past couple of years, via this link-up party, and this year I have a blog and can join in on the fun!

First, here is a quick look at the front of our house. We always keep it simple. Just some greenery and lights.

Next up...the tree. We got a real beaut this year. It's full, as symmetrical as they come, and a perfect fit for the space. We bought it here, which is always fun because it involves a little frozen treat after the tree is selected and loaded up. In the comfort of our warm car, of course. I used 11 strands of lights. That's a record for me. Hopefully not a record that will result in a blown fuse or an electrical fire.

Close up of some of my "new" vintage ornaments.

Next is the mantle. Every year, I swag a combination of real and "faux" greenery, with white lights and embellishments. What I put on top of the mantle varies from year to year. This year, I brought in two metal topiaries from the front porch. I got these at an estate sale this year - $15 for the pair.

I also hung a fresh boxwood wreath from the mirror.

One more close-up shot. The lighting was pretty terrible,
especially for my sad litle camera.

More garland & white lights hung on the railing.

I stick different things in this garland every year. This time around,
I tied some strips of fabric in and added some gold bells and orange picks.

Here is a little vignette on my old trunk.

I propped up this sweet little book I found...probably at an estate sale???
There is no date to be found inside, but it's really old.
The cover is like velvet - so pretty.

My dining room buffet, all dressed up for the Holidays. The wreath is actually a strand of garland wound up. I bought it a couple of years ago at Crate & Barrel,
and they still have it. It's really pretty in person.

A white poinsettia on the table.
Red never looks quite right in my house, so I always go for the white.

The little china another blurry photo.

Here is my entry table , with a couple of Christmasy touches,
and of course...a wreath (from Wreathfest 2010) hung over the mirror.
I might have a slight obsession with the wreath/mirror combo.

Moving on to the kitchen. I don't put much holiday decor in here.
Just a pretty little display on the table...

And a simply dressed mantle, including a wreath on the mirror.
I tried to leave it bare, but it looked so, well...bare.

Here is my book page wreath, hanging in the kitchen window. It looks awfully cute here. That's the problem with this wreath. It looks cute everywhere. So I need to make like 4 more. But having 5 bookpage wreaths scattered among the house would be kind of weird. So I guess I'll just have to move this one from time to time, to spread the cuteness around.

I do love decorating for the holidays. While the process can be a little tiring and time consuming, there is nothing like having a cozy home all decked out for Christmas. But what I love the most is having my family around to enjoy it with me. Isn't that what it's all about?

See, we're giddy with Christmas joy! ;)

{Merry Christmas, and many blessings to all in the new year! }

Friday, December 03, 2010

Dial Turners

As I've mentioned, I really enjoy some good Christmas music. It puts me in a good mood, evokes warm & fuzzy memories, etc., etc. I pretty much have my radio tuned in to Christmas stations from the day after Thanksgiving (or sooner) through Christmas Day. That being said, I also have a pretty strong aversion to bad Christmas music. I thought I'd share some artists that earn top "dial turner" ranks in my book, via a Top 5 list.

5. Willie Nelson - Willie and Christmas just don't fit, if you ask me.
4. The Carpenters - Is there anything cheesier? The correct answer is no.
3. Alan Jackson - Uggh.
2. Annie Lenox - She scares me.
1. Gloria Estefan - For me, her voice cues reflex-like dial turning...all year round.

No offense if you enjoy any or all of the above. We just can't be friends. ;)