Friday, January 28, 2011

Fresh Cut Friday

I really, really love having fresh flowers in the house. They add color and life to whatever room they're in. If I could, I would have an arrangement in every room of my all times. BUT, since that isn't exactly realistic, I am going to aim to have at least one fresh bouquet in my house, at all times. And to help me with that self-serving goal, I am going to institute "Fresh Cut Friday" as a weekly feature on this little blog of mine.

For the most part, I get my flowers at my local grocery store while I'm doing my weekly shopping. But every once in a while I get to hit up other places that offer a wider variety. Like Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, or Walter Knoll. WK lets you create your own bouquets from the buckets of flowers in their cooler. You can do that any day of the week, but on Saturdays & Sundays, they're half off. I used to live just few minutes from one of their shops, so I took advantage of that deal often. I could walk out of there with two or three great bouquets for under $20.

Sadly, I never find myself near a Walter Knoll on the weekends anymore, but that doesn't stop me from popping in on my lunch break every once in a while to pick my own bouquet from their cooler. This is what I brought home today...

This arrangement turned out a little wild, but I like that. I love the color combo. The wintry gray with the bright and springy yellow and orange is perfect for this time of year. Ahh...nothing like fresh flowers in the house. I look forward to having them around ALL of the time!

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