Friday, September 30, 2011

Fresh Cut Friday

Long time, no blog.  I have been a very busy girl.  Hosted another Wreathfest (which I will post about soon), hosting two wedding showers, and working on lots of fun little projects.  One of which is extra special.  I will share that with you soon, too.

For now, let's get back on track with Fresh Cut Friday.  I got a lot of mileage out of the two bunches I picked up at Schnucks a couple weeks ago.  They were burnt orange mums and flat leaf eucalyptus, which may be my favorite greenery.  Though I'm sure I've said that about other greenery ;) 

I made two good sized bouquets out of my $12 worth of flowers...

And I had enough flat leaf eucalyptus (aka: silver dollar eucalyptus) left for my little bud vase...


On a floral side note, I went to my favorite florist today to buy flowers for the shower I am hosting tomorrow.  I got some really great stuff which should make for some beautiful bouquets - I'll share those next Friday!  Have a great FALL weekend.  I know I will!

Friday, September 02, 2011

Fresh Cut Friday

Any idea what these are?

They're called floral frogs.  Not sure how that name came to be.  They're great for creating tight little flower arrangments.  You just cut your stems pretty short and stick them in the holes.  I bought these two at an antique store earlier this summer.

Here is this week's FCF, using one of my new froggies.  Just 4 jumbo yellow mums.

Looks like a big yellow pom pom.  Sitting in a pretty crystal bowl.

Happy Friday, and Happy Labor Day weekend!  I am headed to Memphis for a little bachelorette fun on Beale Street.  Watch out!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

To the Market...

With a really cute list.  Check out my new tablet...

Super functional, too.  If this photo weren't so terrible, you would see the categories...bakery, produce, meat, etc.  Gotta love an organized list!

I bought it at a local art supply store yesterday.  It's made by a company called Knock Knock.  And thanks to them, I'm really looking forward to making my grocery list this weekend.  If that makes me a loser, I am totally OK with it.

Knock Knock makes all kinds of cute and creative goods, and some pretty funny stuff, too. 

Like these slang flash cards...

and books like this one... 

Good for a few laughs, and possibly pretty useful, too.