Thursday, October 20, 2011

Furniture Delivery Woes

New Furniture.  It's fun to pick out, it's exciting to buy, and it can change the look of an entire room.  It can also be a major source of frustration.  I recently learned that for myself.  We placed three orders for furniture in the month of September.  That is rare for us.  But we just happen to be working on two rooms at once - the breakfast room and the nursery.  Would you believe all three orders arrived damaged?  And all need to be replaced.  That means the companies have to reorder them, and I have to rewait for them.  Waiting twice, on the same furniture.  Those of you who share my excitement for the arrival of new goods for the home can imagine how agonizing this double wait is to endure.  And I'm only exaggerating slightly. 

First up - these chairs for the breakfast room. 

I saw the delivery guys drop one of them on the truck.  Flat on its back.  Then I saw them trying to wipe it clean in the back of the truck.  They brought it in, put it in place, and acted surprised when I pointed out the dirt marks and small tear at the back seam.  They never did fess up.  So, we wait for a replacement to arrive.  In the mean time, at least we still get to use the damaged chair.  I'm just reminded of those lyin' little delivery guys every time I see the rip on the back.

A couple weeks later, the glider for our nursery arrived.  We ordered it from the same company, so I was understandably leery as the truck pulled up.  Two different delivery guys appeared at my door (much to my relief), brought it in, and got it situated in the nursery.  Sure enough, it was filthy, and I'm 95% sure it was from the guys' hands.  Or maybe from the dirty truck.  Why this company doesn't wrap it's furniture before loading it on the truck is beyond me.  Back on that dirty truck it went.  I almost cried.  Really.  No photos of this one because it was out of my house just as quickly as it was carried in. 

And finally, on Monday, this upholstered bench arrived while I was at work.  It was left in a box and wrapped very tightly in plastic inside of the box.  Surely, it would be unscathed and beautiful.  Things were looking good as we tore the giant box off.  But just as we slid the bench out of the cardboard, it toppled over.  One of the back legs was broken clear off.  I shook my head in disbelief, and shook my fists at the furniture delivery gods.  Worst luck ever.  So this, too, is being reordered.  Ugh.  For now, the broken one is just sitting there, propped up on its broken leg, like a tease.  I can see how great it will look...but I can't unwrap it, and I certainly can't sit on it.  Torture, I tell you.

I know my furniture woes are nothing compared to real life problems.  And I'm sure I will be back with "happy ending" follow up posts to this very whiny one.  But for now, I'm going to pout just a little bit.  And wait on my new furniture.  Again

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  1. All three orders? Oh my, that's quite the experience. I hope that furniture company has now taken notes of what shippers to use and how they package their furniture, so incidents like these are less likely to happen. Ultimately, it's their loss if customers like you have bad experiences in delivery. I hope you have better luck the next time you would need another shipping service.

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