Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You could totally make that - Anthro Lamp.

My friend, Jill, recently saw this lamp at Anthro and sent me the link to it.

Very cute and kitschy. The price isn't so cute though.
$198??? Mmm...no thank you.

I've never made a lamp before, but I'm thinking this could be done for $20 or less. All you would need are some thrifted dishes, strong epoxy, a lamp kit, and a shade. And the ability to drill through the dishes without cracking them. Hmm...not sure I have the tools for that, but I bet my dad does! Imagine it made with mismatched colorful dishes. You could get really creative with it.

Just might have to add this to my ever growing "Projects To Try If I Ever Have Time" list. And I think I might have a recurring blog feature on my hands here. Cleverly titled "You could totally make that." Thanks for the inspiration, Anthro...and Jill!

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