Thursday, August 19, 2010

"I'm Dreamin' of a Whiiiite...Kitchen."

I was just perusing one of my favorite blogs, Life in the Fun Lane, and Holly's got some gorgeous kitchen inspiration photos posted today. This one is my absolute favorite...

Oh my. It's everything I want in a kitchen...bright, white, the perfect mix of vintage/cottage/modern loveliness. And how dreamy is that sunlight streaming in? Extra dreamy. It's a shame my love for white kitchens really sprouted AFTER we picked the not-so-white kitchen finishes for our new home a couple of years ago. I can't complain about the kitchen I have now, but someday I'd love to have one just as bright and cheerful as this one. Anyone know where this lovely photo came from???

{update} I just found out this kitchen belongs to Kelley of The Polished Pebble. Check out the details on her blog. Gorgeous!

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  1. Hi Malinda! Yes that's my kitchen...and thanks so much for all of the wonderfu and sweet comments!

    Stop by any time..the door is always open!