Friday, June 24, 2011

Fresh Cut Friday + I'm Alive

Wow. I just read my last post...from a month ago! Has it really been a month? Yikes. What can I say? I guess I've been a little busy. And I've definitely been having some fun. Much of that fun was had on a recent trip to South Carolina. I have some photos to share, mostly from the lovely streets of Charleston. Hopefully I'll get around to sharing those soon. For now, I think I'll get back into the swing of things with a Fresh Cut Friday post.

Our bushes in the front yard had gotten a little out of control. I finally got around to trimming them on Sunday. Instead of just tossing all of the clippings away, I salvaged the pretty ones and brought them inside.

These are from my spirea bush. I love the delicate leaves and little bursts of purple.

Definitely a no-fuss arrangement. It's just about bringing some of the outdoors in. Have a great weekend!

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