Sunday, September 05, 2010

Lamp Revamped

It's amazing what some cute fabric and a little spray adhesive can do. In this case, to an over-sized $7 lamp I found at a church rummage sale. The natural colored shade it came with wasn't really all that bad. But I wanted to add some color and pattern. Plus, I needed to tweak it a little to fit in with the color scheme for the "basement beautification" project that is currently underway at the Janisse house.

Here is the lamp shade before, hanging out with the spray adhesive and the fabric I purchased from this site...

To get the perfect fit for the shade, I traced the circumference of the lampshade onto the fabric and used that as my guide for cutting. I traced about 1/2 inch outside the edges of the shade, to allow enough extra fabric for folding over.

Once I had my fabric cut, I was ready to spray the shade with adhesive and apply the fabric. I started at the existing seam on the lampshade, and worked my way around, smoothing as I went to get a wrinkle-free result. After that, I trimmed around the top and bottom, leaving just enough to fold over and cover the existing trim inside the shade with a little more spray adhesive.
Here is my revamped lamp sitting pretty in the basement, on a table which will be getting a revamping of its own.

We had the builder finish our basement when we had our house built two years ago, but we haven't been using it much at all. We just had our extra furniture and old TV sitting around down there. But that's a-changin'. All it took was some inspiration to get us going a few weeks ago. For my husband, that came in the form of a new, big, "football worthy" TV. Hey, whatever it takes. I'm just excited to have another space to decorate! More "basement beautification" projects to come.


  1. I love the placement of the bird. Perfect!

  2. Gorgeous! Found you through nester's Linkup party and just became your 10th follower. Already cant wait to see more of your beautiful projects and home:)