Sunday, September 12, 2010

My First Client

A little while back, my friend, Erin, asked if I would keep my eyes open for a side table for her little guy's nursery. They needed something relatively small, preferably with some shelving or storage. I was pretty excited to have my first "client" project to tackle. And the fact that it was for Luca, one of my favorite new cuties, made it even better.

The day after Erin charged me with the task, I spotted this sweet little table at Goodwill...for $8. It looked like the perfect fit for a nursery. I sent Erin a photo of it, and she approved.

I love the curves - so cute!

And here's the table after sanding + priming + painting + more sanding. Doesn't it look cute in little Luca's nursery? Of course, its cuteness pales in comparison to Luca's cuteness. But that's OK. And he may not look overly impressed, but I just know Luca is excited to have a snazzy little table for his necessities - i.e. Truman bobble-head, his current favorite reads, wipe warmer, a pic of his peeps, and butt paste. Some of which are not pictured, but I'd be willing to bet they took their places on the table after his mom snapped this shot.

Shopping for and transforming my first piece for someone other than me was super fun. Hopefully I'll get to do it again soon. Maybe I should offer this little guy a referral fee...he already has his fair share of buddies, and even more on the way. Yep, I think I may be onto something.

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  1. I want a buffet for my dining room! So wish you were closer.