Friday, February 04, 2011

Fresh Cut Friday

Get excited...I'm back with another "Fresh Cut Friday"! This week, I stopped in at Flowerama for my fresh cut flora. Normally, I would stay far, far away from a place like this. They have wooden wind mills and scary garden statues sitting out front to greet you. Not my kind of place. But I was wanting something pretty specific. Something I knew they'd have. Something I used to hate...CARNATIONS. I think I actually once told Jason I'd rather receive no flowers than receive carnations. Can you say snobby? But I seriously used to hate them! However, these days I think they're OK, in the right application. I'm still not a fan when they're mixed in with other more "sophisticated" flowers. But I do think they can look pretty charming on their own, displayed in tight little bunches.

Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and I don't have much V-Day decor, I thought I'd go "Valentiney" with the flowers. That led me to carnations. I think they last a while, so hopefully these cute little bunches will stick around until 2/14 hits. My mom got Jason and I these initial mugs from Anthropoligie for Christmas. I thought they'd make the perfect little vessels for my carnations.

Here is a bunch in Jason's mug...

And another little bunch in my mug...

I am loving the pretty pink hue and the texture of these carnantions. Perfect for Valentine's Day. Even for us reformed carnation haters. A girl can change her mind, right???

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