Sunday, January 23, 2011

Finds in The House

I'm back with another post, to show you what I did with my "Friday Finds". I've been working on them here and there the last few days. Really, the only thing that required work was the botanical print project. The mirrors were hung as-is.

First up, the $24 mirror. I left the frame dark and just cleaned it up a little. I hung it above my entry dresser. I think a really traditional piece like this looks best paired with something more modern and fun. In this case, the dresser with the chevron top. It keeps the mirror from looking too stuffy or formal.

Next is the coveted convex eagle mirror. I decided to hang it in the dining room. I was sick of the plates I had hanging here before. This definitely changes it up a bit. You can see I'm trying to trick myself into thinking Spring is almost here, with the tulips. Not working though...we got more snow today.

And finally, here are the botanical prints in those cheap-o frames. I spray painted them gold and popped the prints in them. It was really simple. To make sure all of the images were nice and centered in the frames, I cut them with an exacto knife, using the glass as a guide. And I didn't bother measuring when I hung them. I just eye balled it. Sure, I put a few extra holes in the wall. But they're tiny, and they're covered by the frames. If my dad reads this, you can bet he'll be doing some head shaking.

As you can see, I only have nine of the twelve hung right now. I think I'm going to pick up one more frame, so I can hang two more above each lamp to fill the space out a bit more. This is a big wall.

Seeing my finds repurposed and happily hung in my house makes me feel warm and fuzzy. And isn't it great how just a few new inexpensive pieces can freshen up a house? I get a major case of the blahs if things stay the same for too long. My husband just loves that, let me tell you. Hey, at least I do it on the cheap. And better yet, I don't ask for his help. I'm pretty sure that's enough to appease him.


  1. Oh such lovely mirrors! I am not sure which one I adore more...they both make me swoon. I think they are divine in you home. You are one lucky girl. They are fabulous finds.