Friday, April 15, 2011

Fresh Cut Friday

OK, so technically these arrangements may not be "cut", but it doesn't get any fresher than still growing. So I'm considering these two arrangements my Fresh Cuts of the week. Last weekend, I picked up a nice variety of herbs and a few flowers to get a start on my spring planting. The tulips and hyacinths were on clearance for $1 per bulb. So I grabbed a few of each, knowing they would make great centerpieces, in one form or another. I ended up planting the tulips in this yellow bowl and topping it off with some moss. They've gotten super tall over the last few days. They should be opening up soon.

Guess who was lurking nearby again? Like a jungle cat ready to pounce.

Here are the hyacinths in a small urn, also topped with moss. See how the leaves are yellowing? Yeah, I don't think it's doing so well. In fact, the blooms were so droopy I had to stick some skewers in the stems to keep them upright.

Before skewers...

Yep, not much time left for these guys. Oh well, they were pretty while they lasted!

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