Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hi there.

So.  It's been a while.  As in a couple of years.  I have taken quite the blogging break, but it was for good reason.  Or I think so, at least.  It just wasn't high on my priority list the last couple of years.  I was busy with my daughter, my job...all the usual stuff.  Home projects were at an all time low, and my time was as occupied as ever.  So what's changed?  Why am I resurrecting this blog now?  Because I am now home full-time with my daughter, and we just moved into a great old house.  I need a creative outlet, and I need a place to document all of the fun stuff we're doing to this great old house.  It feels good to have a blank slate.  AND it feels good to be blogging again!

Stay tuned for some before & after goodness.  We are just getting to the fun stuff around here, and I cannot wait to share our progress.

aka: my right hand gal

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